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Here is the archived salon instructions page for November 2006, the ninth month:

Goddess Salon - November 2006: Riane Eisler

Hey there Salonniks,

This month’s featured guest is Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and The Blade. Riane is one of the thinkers and writers who have made the most use of Marija’s findings, in her works outlining the clash between ‘dominator’ and cooperative cultural strands. Her interview was one of the most fascinating—and was a living example of the irony that in creative works, we often have to cut what we most love, for as the flow of the film developed, it went away from the material we had hoped to use. But we are thrilled to be able to offer it in the Behind the Screen series of videos.

We also owe Riane a great debt of thanks—for it is she who did the interview with Marija that we use in the film. Viviane Hillgrove, who shot the interview, most generously made it available to us. As Marija died when we were just beginning to work on Signs Out of Time, we would have had a much more difficult time without this live footage of her.

Riane will not be available to answer questions on our message board, unfortunately. But we hope you will enjoy her interview, the reading, and this month’s salon program. We do intend to continue these packets at least through January, to complete a year of salons, and are still in process of scheduling the next couple of months.

-- Starhawk


Co-operator Stone Soup

This is the old hobo recipe. Everybody brings what they have to put in the
pot, chop it all up and let it simmer together. The stone was added for

Some good things for the host to provide:

Olive oil
Onions and garlic to sautee in the bottom of the soup pot.
Stock—either made from your own veggies and/or bones and veggies, or you can
get it in cans or those waterproof boxes, or even in powdered form. Your
local co-op hopefully has good, organic vegetarian ‘chicken’ stock which
makes a great soup base.
Chestnuts—in season right now. Chop them in half with a heavy knife, blanch
them in boiling water and they become easy to peel—the shells and bitter
inner membrane slide right off. They make a wonderful addition to soup.
You can also run them through a food processor and make a rough flour. Add
that to the soup, along with some some chopped apples, and it will become
thick, sweet and delicious.
Fresh or dried herbs and seasoning.


Crunchy bread and cheese to eat with it.


For this month’s ritual, each person thinks of a dream or vision s/he holds
that feels too big to accomplish alone. Go around the circle, and share
your visions. After each person speaks, give the rest of the people present
time to meditate on what they could each offer to support that vision. It
might be as simple as a word of encouragement, or something tangible, or
actual help. Put the person who holds the vision in the center, and as you
speak your support, do something to embody cooperation. Some ideas could
be: group massage, suspending and rocking the person in the center with
your hands or in a blanket, or simply holding out your hands and focusing
love and energy on the central person. Let the recipient decide what feels
most comfortable. Repeat so that each person gets a turn in the center.


The Chalice and the Blade (click on title to order book) by Riane Eisler


Is there a relationship between authoritarian societies and strict gender roles?

Riane believes that the power relationships between men and women are central to a society. Do you agree with her?

What do you think about the terms ‘matriachy’, ‘patriarchy’ and ‘gylandry’?

Why do we need origin stories? What do they do for us?

Riane describes the differences between the dominator model and the partnership model in societies. Where in our society do you see examples of each.

Think about a dominator relationship you are familiar with—for example, a boss and a worker, If that relationship were transformed to a partnership model, what would change?

What larger changes would be needed to support that change?

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