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Permaculture: The Growing Edge

We hope you'll love our new offering, and that you'll continue to support our work. In this age of social media, you can help us enormously by sharing news about "Permaculture: The Growing Edge" with your friends and networks, telling people about it, sharing our website on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

* Hold a house party screening. Here you can download a poster, a recipe and a set of discussion questions. What do we ask in return? Pass the hat and send us a donation to support our continued work. We'd love to make more resources available, but for that, we need your help!

Discussion Questions for Permaculture: The Growing Edge
download as PDF file

1.  What did you see in the documentary that inspired you?  Are there examples or projects you’d like to start in your own home or community?

2.  The ethics of permaculture are:
           Care for the earth.
           Care for people.
           Care for the future—sometimes framed as “Re-invest the surplus.”  Or “Share the surplus”  or  “Limit consumption”.
How do these compare to your own ethics?  Are there things you would add?  How are all three connected?

3.  What’s your understanding of permaculture?  Has it changed from viewing the film?   Also look at the Resource section of our website—the What is Permaculture article, and Starhawk’s Common Sense Permaculture Principles.

4.  How might permaculture principles and ethics apply in your own work?  Your own community?

5.  What would the world look like and what would change if we ran our large systems—political and economic—according to permaculture ethics and principles?

Recipe for House Parties:
Starhawk's Borscht download as PDF file

Posters for Permaculture: The Growing Edge (both 8X10 inch size)

Color poster
(11.7 MB):

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download as PDF file
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Black and White poster (1.1 MB):

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* Hold a public screening.

Contact us at screenings@belili.org and we can help you with promotion, finding speakers and panelists, and bulk DVD copies to sell.

* Fundraise for your own nonprofit organization:

We can sell bulk copies of the DVD at a deep discount for you to sell and raise funds for like-minded organizations. Contact us at screenings@belili.org for more information.


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