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James Harrod - interviewed for the Signs out of Time project

James Harrod, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist and a scholar specializing in prehistoric art, religion and semiotics.

He has authored articles on the decipherment of the protolanguage of Upper Paleolithic Europe and on decoding Upper Paleolithic religion and spiritual transformation processes. He has also published on the origins of symbol and mind two million years ago as evidenced in the pebble tool culture of Homo habilis.
In 1987 he founded and chaired the Prehistoric Religions Consultation Unit, the first program of the American Academy of Religion annual meeting devoted to prehistoric religions. In 1988 he received a grant from the American Academy of Religion to research and reconstruct the religious vision of the Early Paleolithic Acheulian cultures of Africa and Europe, which date from about one million to one-hundred thousand years ago. He did field study in palaeoanthropology at Koobi Fora, Kenya, in 1990; and in 1996, was a member of the expedition surveying the site of Har Karkom in Israel where he led a search for Paleolithic proto-art. In 2000, he participated in rock art exploration in the Keep River region of northern Australia. He was also an associate of Marija Gimbutas, the archaeologist who decoded the religious iconography of the European Neolithic.

He has a doctorate in Religion from Syracuse University with a focus on comparative mythology and ancient Greek religion; an M.A. in philosophical theology; and an M.A. in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He has studied shamanic trance postures, kundalini and vipassana meditation, and Grof holotropic breathwork. He has a private psychotherapy practice in Brunswick, Maine.

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