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Ernestine Elster -- interviewed for the Signs out of Time project

Ernestine S. Elster Ph.D. UCLA (1977) (Marija Gimbutas Director of Graduate Studies)

Director of Publications, Institute of Archaeology, UCLA (1974-2003)

Research Associate, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA (1994- to present day)

Archaeological focus: prehistoric technology

Field experience: Val Camonica, Italy (prehistoric rock art 1966); Sitagroi , Greece
(middle neolithic-early bronze age settlement 1968-69); Anza, Yugoslavian Macedonia
(early Neolithic settlement, study season 1975); Achilleion, Greece (early Neolithic settlement, lithic specialist 1973); Tel-el-burj, Israel (ninth century village, excavator 1972); Scaloria Cave, Italy ( upper Paleolithic-middle Neolithic, director study season, lithic specialist 1980), Torone, Greece ( classical site with early bronze age component, lithic specialist 1994).

Most recent major publication:

Elster, Ernestine S. and Renfrew, Colin eds.
Prehistoric Sitagroi: Excavations in Northeast Greece 1968-1970
Volume 2: The Final Report
. A Cotsen Prize Imprint.
Monumenta Archaeologica 20. Los Angeles: The
Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA (2003).

Current research: Preparation of the manuscript for Scaloria cave excavation

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